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Good Agency is a creative nonprofit website design agency that specializes in nonprofit web design, nonprofit web development and nonprofit digital fundraising and marketing services.

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"It’s crucial to have a nonprofit web design company who understands your specific needs and won’t walk away on you once the website is live..."

Good Agency is a Nonprofit web design Agency specialized in nonprofit web design. This image depicts a nonprofit web design example designed by Good Agency

Your new nonprofit website needs to act as a growth tool. It needs to work for you, should power fundraising opportunities and nurture engagement. As you know, nonprofit websites should be more than pretty brochures. Effective nonprofit websites should make you gain visibility, increase brand recognition while driving engagement and ultimately donations. Powerful nonprofit website adopt a smart user flow, answer questions and trigger action.

At Good Agency, we are passionate about nonprofit web design, user experience and nonprofit web marketing, all together. Our non profit website design firm specializes in WordPress website design exclusively and use it as a platform to build intuitive, mobile-responsive and speedy websites for our nonprofit partners. We also work smart to drive more qualified supporters, donors, ambassadors to your cause.

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"Good Agency designed our wordpress website and I must say they did an awesome job. They always revert with answers as quickly as they can. Please don’t hesitate to contact Good for any online fundraising or web design needs."
Head of Development, LEA USA

Impress your donors, volunteers, board members with a dazzling nonprofit web design 🤩

Good Agency is a Nonprofit web design Agency specialized in nonprofit web design. This image depicts a nonprofit web design example designed by Good Agency

Today, great nonprofit website design is a must — no matter what devices your donors use.

Good Agency offers unique, donor-focused, and fully responsive nonprofit website designs. Our nonprofit web design agency offers customized plans and packages to meet your nonprofit organization’s needs and fit within your budget. We’re on a mission to bring pixel-perfect website design, web-app-like UX and tech to nonprofits! 

Sneak peek into our nonprofit web design process

At Good Agency, our nonprofit web design team ensures your nonprofit organization receives the best possible results from your website.

When you partner with us, our web designers and developers will work to deliver a website that reflects your nonprofit brand. Our team will make sure your new nonprofit website sets you apart from your competitors.

To create a nonprofit website that matches your expectations, goals and increases conversions, we’ll follow these simple steps:

1. Getting to know each other and discussing your nonprofit web design goals

Before starting on your new website design, a nonprofit success manager will be in touch to understand your mission, cause and goals. While some other nonprofit web design agencies take the “all nonprofits are the same” approach when it comes to web design, we’re genuinely interested in knowing who you are, what challenges you have and how you are planning to shine online! After all, a couple of years ago we decided to serve nonprofits almost exclusively. 

We’ve worked with nonprofits from many different fields and recognize that challenges are different. Knowing your organization a little better helps us design a new website that helps you stand out… and convert! We want you to hit all those KPIs. 

When you chat with one of our nonprofit project managers, they’ll want to know the goals for your new digital project, what functionalities you need, what other cool features and designs you spotted on the web… To develop a great user experience (UX) they’ll need to know the audience(s) you are trying to target.

2. Website design architecture and strategy moving forward

We discussed your goals, got to know more about your mission, your cause and we agreed to work together.

Now, we start planning the new site architecture (or sitemap) while anticipating dynamic website design and development needs. After reviewing your current website, our teams will work together on developing a sitemap. This sitemap will act as an outline for your new nonprofit website. 

Once we agree on the sitemap, your team will send us branding guidelines, images, video content, text you’d like our team of designers to feature on your new nonprofit website.

3. Sharing a pillar page and a key page prototype

Our designers and developers will create your new nonprofit website’s homepage. You will get a sense of the design direction. Our team of frontend designers will work on setting up the global fonts, the global colors, the heading sizes and heading fonts and all other parts of your new nonprofit website UI kit while our backend devs will take care of theme development, functions, setting up your WordPress website for success.

After you give the new website design a go-ahead, your new design and development team will work on building all the other pages.

4. Building inner pages, archive pages, dynamic templates…

After you agree on the website design direction, our professional nonprofit website design agency will work on the layout, other site pages, template pages and conditional design logics. This includes the basic layout for template pages, article pages, blog pages, archive pages, 404 pages, forms, contact pages… you name it. We build it.

5. Building complex functionalities and interactive elements

Nonprofit Web Design Agency - nonprofit web design

At this stage of the web design process, we’ll develop more complex functionalities and design elements. These functionalities include: interactive banners, interactive maps, filters, sorting features, listings, member listings, payments, custom backend functionalities, custom content types, custom post types, search, and more.

6. Testing, testing, testing!

Once we’ve built your site, our team will start testing your new nonprofit website. This includes: checking for cross-browser compatibility issues, mobile-responsiveness glitches, UX, searching for broken or missing links, and more. 

7. Now it’s your turn to test and review 😎!

We want to make sure you’re thrilled with your new nonprofit website. We want to make sure our nonprofit website design agency really nailed it! Now is your time to review the content, images and make updates to the copy. 

8. Optimizing

If you select our preliminary search optimization (SEO) package, we’ll send your new website over to the search optimization team to optimize your new nonprofit website, its content, its images, its performance… This is crucial if your organization wants to outrank competition or attract valuable visitors. 

Preliminary SEO – well – is preliminary. Optimizing for search is an ongoing effort that requires monthly time investment, research, rank checking, competitive research, predictive keyword analysis, technical scripts, structured data, schema, tags, meta optimization… 

If that doesn’t sound like that much fun or quite overwhelming, Good Agency is here to help! We can assist your organization in making sure your website ranks for great keyword and keyphrase opportunities. Your new nonprofit website should be your number one sales, fundraising, marketing and growth engine, working for you around the clock. 

9. 8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1…Launch 🚀

After optimizing and completing all the rounds of edits we’ll get ready for site launch. This is an exciting time for everyone, including our team! After launching, we’ll keep an eye on your new nonprofit website.

Typically, our work does not end there. If you select one of our maintenance packages, our team of WordPress experts will provide you with nonprofit website maintenance, WordPress support and help you maintain a healthy, responsive and speedy website. 

The beautiful thing about our WordPress support and maintenance packages, is that Good Agency handles all the nasty bits of website maintenance, hosting, server-side maintenance, CMS version updating, plugin conflicts, PHP updates, security … This allows you to get back to doing what you do best – running your nonprofit organization. We are not just a nonprofit website design agency. In other words, once your new nonprofit website is live, we won’t abandon you. Good Agency takes care of all the details around performance, security, software, plugin updates and content edits. This means you don’t need to configure anything to have a site that runs without you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our standard nonprofit websites take approximately 4 weeks to be created. Of course, this time will vary from project to project.

The cost of your new nonprofit WordPress website can vary. Don’t hesitate to request a quick quote or schedule a call. We’re happy to assist you and hear about your project.

Nope. We are exclusively a WordPress design agency. In choosing to build exclusively with one platform over the past 10 years, we have become experts in WordPress and can create extremely custom solutions for our clients.

Absolutely! Everything we build is owned by you and everything we use is licensed to you. If for any reason you decide you want to take your site elsewhere, we will happily assist you in making the transition as effortlessly and efficiently as possible. 

Good Agency offers:

  • Nonprofit web design in New York
  • Nonprofit web design in Chicago
  • Nonprofit web design in New Jersey
  • Nonprofit web design in Vermont
  • Nonprofit web design in California
  • Nonprofit web design in Texas
  • Nonprofit web design in Florida
  • Nonprofit web design in Pennsylvania 
  • Nonprofit web design in Virginia
  • Nonprofit web design in Massachusetts
  • Nonprofit web design in Georgia
  • Nonprofit web design in North Carolina
  • Nonprofit web design in Illinois 
  • Nonprofit web design in Maryland

Pixel perfect nonprofit web design in WordPress

Good Agency is a nonprofit web design firm that specializes in nonprofit WordPress website design. Our secret sauce: a combo between WordPress and Elementor. Elementor helps our team achieve pixel perfect design, while producing 100% clean code. Thanks to this combo we’re able to take your nonprofit design vision and turn it into a stunning custom-made nonprofit website.

The other added benefit of using the WP/Elementor combo is the relative ease-of-use once we push the website live. Your nonprofit team will be able to make edits on the fly and very easily. If maintaining WordPress, servers, code, plugins, and content takes too much time out of your day, we’re here to help! 

Good Agency designs Nonprofit Websites That Drive Results

Nonprofit websites should be more than pretty brochures. Good nonprofit websites should make you gain visibility while driving engagement and ultimately donations. An effective nonprofit website should adopt a smart user flow, answer questions and trigger action.

Your nonprofit website needs to act as a growth tool, needs to work for you, should power fundraising and nurture engagement. At Good Agency, we work hard to drive more qualified supporters, donors, ambassadors to your cause.

Good Agency builds and maintains mobile responsive nonprofit websites designed to engage and convert

Website maintenance

Thanks to our Website Maintenance packages and managed WordPress hosting, you hire Good Agency to manage your nonprofit WordPress website and infrastructure for one simple monthly rate so you can focus on what you do best: running your org

Daily website back-ups

Rest easy knowing that your nonprofit wordpress website is backed up every single night. In case anything happens, Good Agency has got you covered

Performance focused web design

Speed is one of the most important aspects of your nonprofit website. We also believe your site should start with the smallest footprint possible and clean code. Good Agency makes sure to optimize your nonprofit website both on mobile, tablets and desktop.

Responsive web design

Half of web traffic comes from mobile devices and it’s continuing to grow. Good Agency will provide a well-crafted mobile experience

Cross browser web design

If you are not cross browser compatible, other nonprofits might be. Surely, they’ll benefit from that. You are certainly turning down valuable supporters. Good Agency makes sure your nonprofit website works across all browsers


Stop hackers from exploiting WordPress vulnerabilities. If you choose our managed hosting and maintenance packs, Good Agency makes sure your site is secure and always up-to-date. Your site gets hacked. We fix it

Good Agency: A nonprofit web design agency in NYC

Good Agency designs customized WordPress websites for nonprofit organizations and social-driven companies. Good Agency specialize in nonprofit WordPress website design and nonprofit digital marketing services. Good agency is a non profit design firm located in NYC.  

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